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I’ve been in many bands and played with some great musicians over the years.

They include John Bonham, Jim Capaldi and Steve Broughton on drums, Pete Tolson, Tom Nordon and Lee Evans on Guitar. I’ve had a number of my own bands, covering many styles from jug band and acoustic guitar duo to Jazz-funk and country-rock and am honored to have shared the stage with Germany’s star drummers: Wölli Rhode, Christian Evans, Hansi Behrend and DJ Templeton.

I’ve written songs that have been recorded by many international artists, including Sally Oldfield, Justin Hayward and Peter Maffay. My recent exploits with Hip-Hop composition and production include the first single release by the German rapper Sido.

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Richard de Bastion.jpg

Ginger-Princess (de Bastion)

Recording at Beat Studio, Berlin 1974

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